Case study one — Your Property Manager

Carolyn Wright, founder and director of Your Property Manager (

— a rental property management agency in Cheltenham has been steadily growing her business since 2009.

Through hard work and a clear vision Carolyn had successfully grown her business to several staff and hundreds of clients but like many business owners, Carolyn was working more and more hours and facing increasing challenges as the business grew.

Carolyn applied for a mentor through Kingston and Glen Eira City Councils’ Mentor Partners Program and was matched with business mentor Cliff Gale.

“The experience was amazing,” said Carolyn. “Having a business savvy person to support me was invaluable. Cliff was a fabulous sounding board and he shared his experience with me and allowed me to learn from it so I didn’t have to make the mistakes myself.

“One of my challenges was to treat my business as a business and view things objectively. Through the mentoring with Cliff I learnt the importance of making difficult decisions when necessary and finding and empowering the right people to help me grow the business.”

Cliff Gale, a successful business owner and Program mentor since 2005, enjoyed mentoring Carolyn. “The highlight of mentoring Carolyn was her great passion to listen and take on new ideas and then act, which is critical in changing behaviour,” said Cliff. “Through this process she endorsed her own thinking and this gave her confidence to become a stronger business person.

“Her biggest challenges were time management and delegating the correct areas of her role.  She is continuing to build on these skills, realising the benefit of empowering her staff and having a better work-life balance.”