Case study seven — Melbourne Electrical and Data Solutions

Melbourne Electrical and Data SolutionsMelbourne Electrical and Data Solutions' Jeremy van Strijp and Lauren Tomlinson recently benefitted from the Program.

When Jeremy and Lauren started their business in 2013, they had a big vision and lots of enthusiasm. However, a lack of business management experience meant they were unsure if they were taking the right actions to develop their business.

To build confidence, Jeremy and Lauren applied for the Program and were matched with mentor Peter Briede.

Jeremy said Peter has been fantastic.

"Before starting the mentoring, we didn't really have a clear idea of our goals and we were worried about making costly mistakes," Jeremy said.

"Peter really listened and took a genuine interest in us and our business, and guided us to focus on the areas and actions that were really going to work."

As a result of the sessions, Jeremy and Lauren have changed their focus.

Jeremy said they are now recruiting their first employee and expect to have another couple of employees by the end of the year to meet the growing demand for their services.

"We can't thank Peter enough for his help and generosity," Jeremy said.

Peter, one of the longest serving mentors in the Mentor Partners Program, said he is impressed with the progress that Jeremy and Lauren have made.

"Jeremy and Lauren are a great couple and I'm sure they will have tremendous success," Peter said.

"They were open to being challenged, always took action in between the sessions, and their hard work is paying off. It has been a pleasure to mentor them."


Photo: Melbourne Electrical and Data Solutions’
Lauren Tomlinson and Jeremy van Strijp.