Case study six — Rejuvenate Stays

Lisa Emrose founded Rejuvenate Stays ( in 2008, a personalised booking service for short term holidays, corporate stays and relocations. While Lisa had a strong corporate background, this was her first attempt at working for herself.

Over the years the portfolio of properties grew, and Lisa could see significant growth opportunities for the business. She realised to achieve this potential, she needed to step back and develop a clear business strategy. She recognised she would benefit from the help of a mentor and contacted Council’s Mentor Partners Program. After an initial briefing she was matched with Program mentor Danny Shafar.

“Danny was extremely perceptive and quickly understood my challenges despite knowing little about my industry prior to mentoring me,” said Lisa. “With Danny’s guidance I clarified and strengthened my direction, what I want my brand and service offering to be, my target market and how I differentiate my business from my competition. “Danny was a fantastic support during the process of hiring our first employee and gave me confidence to take this big and important step in growing my business. “I am now much more focussed and disciplined in how I work on my business and have a concrete vision of where I want to be and how we are going to get there. It was a big comfort having an experienced business person supporting me.”

Danny, who has an impressive background in managing and developing businesses, expressed his pleasure in mentoring Lisa. “Lisa was very motivated about her business. She understood the need to view her business objectively and she worked hard during and outside of sessions to formulate the right strategy to achieve her vision,” said Danny.

“Lisa was quick to ascertain that in order to grow she needed to take the step of employing someone to take on some of Lisa’s load, so that she had time to work on the business and execute her strategy. I have no doubt that she will succeed in achieving her vision, and I look forward to seeing it happen.”