How does Mentor Partners Program work?

  • There is no cost to the business – other than their time. Mentors are volunteering their time and expertise to the program. 
  • Small business operators apply to become part of the Mentor Partners Program. Businesses can apply at any time. 
  • Each mentor relationship has an average timeframe of six months
  • Mentors are matched with business owners according to skill set and management style. 
  • The relationship is facilitated by Council’s Mentor Partners Program Co-ordinator. 
  • The co-ordinator introduces and monitors the mentoring relationship.
  • The mentor and mentee co-sign a confidentiality agreement to secure privacy. 
  • A mutual understanding of expectations is important and a partnership agreement will be defined in the first mentor meeting.

Ensuring effective outcomes

The Mentor Partners Program is an opportunity to work on your business.

Many business operators expend all their energy working in the business leaving no time to strategically look at their business operation and direction.

Taking time out to look, listen and learn, can provide business owners with the insight necessary to recognise missed opportunities and avert any potentially damaging actions.

To gain the most out of this Program, businesses must commit to agreed meeting times with their mentor. A mentoring relationship may be terminated if the business operator does not commit to the relationship.

For further information on how to gain support through the Mentor Partner Program contact:

Mentor Partners Program Co-ordinator

Phone: 9524 3333