How to apply

Who can apply:

Businesses that can apply must:

  • be based in the cities of Glen Eira or Kingston;
  • trade for a minimum of 12 months; 
  • not operate under a franchise agreement; 
  • allocate time and commit to taking time out of the business, to work on the business with a mentor; and
  • If you are in a partnership, both partners must commit to the Program.

How to apply:

Apply online

Once the online form is completed:

You will be contacted within seven working days to arrange a time to meet and discuss your application.

This meeting will help clearly ascertain your requirements and provide insights to achieve a compatible mentor match.

Compatibility in management style and skill set is equally considered in all mentor matches.

Not all mentors will be available for immediate match.

Once the mentor is available then the Mentor Partners Program Co-ordinator will organise an introductory meeting.

It is at this meeting that the foundations of your mentor partnership will take shape. If you are happy to proceed, you will commit to a meeting time-table to progress the relationship and you and your mentor will sign a confidentiality and indemnity agreement.


For further information on how to gain support through the Mentor Partner Program contact:

Mentor Partners Program Co-ordinator

Phone: 9524 3333