What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship that provides space for discussion and reflection with an experienced businesses person. It provides an insight to create actions and direction. It is a confidential relationship between business owners and a mentors. Mentors do not act as formal advisors. They provide the space to focus, share experience and knowledge, allowing the business owner to take considered action in their business.   

A beneficial relationship

Mentors can help mentees to think more strategically. They encourage mentees to develop and trust their own insights. By assisting the mentee to critically assess concerns, identify problems and their impacts on their business, a mentor can bring clarity to the maze of management issues. Together, the mentoring relationship can build self-awareness and personal development. The mentor's reward comes from seeing another person grow and develop — they enjoy building a rapport with the business community and feel valued for sharing their expertise.


For further information on how to gain support through the Mentor Partner Program contact:

Mentor Partners Program Co-ordinator

Phone: 9524 3333

Email: Cityfutures@gleneira.vic.gov.au